Nicolás Sorín

I am not a robot

When the sun is low ,stepping home ,another round just straight, no return, no going back perhaps this is not what life’s about
Now the moon , she glows , still alone ,another night its a shame ,guess we are trained to never cry I’m lost with only me myself and I
While in bed I wake up from dreams all confused and distraught
makes me shiver and shake, aware ,of the grief that memory stores
a heart wrapped in steel so sour and cold
I am not a robot
Theres a flaming stream inside me
theres a living dream still burning
And its on ,and its off, and its left on standby mode and it’s not ,going to stop, ‘till the batteries drain
Out, restore, press escape ,computer crash in loops, matrix glitch, force quit, save as
refresh, try f5 , reboot , restart
Browsing clouds now , open windows need a finder , not a robot hacked by a pirate , word processing pressing captcha...