Lash Out

Hello world

Hello world,
it's me again.
I'm crying...
for you,
and trying to chance your course,
but its not easy,
we are a "fools".Hello world,
it´s me again.I'm crying for you,
and trying by better Day by day
but its not easy,i feel so blue
This people IS not ready.
We want more love,we want more peace.
For all the world,for all my world.
We want to stay on the route,
& keep on war or keep on rock.
(i know its not easy)x4
But i want to tell you my true
this is my history and i think you are cool,
but don´t ask me why?don´t ank me..ohh!!
I don´t like your "pressure"keep rocking..
for the music lovers.
We don´t play for to many reasons,
we dont play because of money,
we dont play because of story,
we play because we music lovers
GET IT ON!!!we dont play for your stupid world.