Siete Remedios


You can listen, you can want me,
You can make feel so good.
When I wake up in the morning,
I always think of you.
You are in my veins, in my brain.
And all I said you is there.

Stay on my hands, stay on my days,
Stay with me don´t go away.
if I wake up in the morning
And you are not in there gonna be sad,
Gonna be mad.
Because I can´t stand the night without you

Because I learned to sleep at the night,
I learned to see no light,
I learned that ererything was wrong.

Because I tried to go ahead,
I tried take you out of my head.
I tried but you know that It´s difficult.

Come and get me, come and full me,
Tou can surrender me.
I wanna wake up in the morning
And find you always here.
Because I want that you stay with me.